Dusty Deen

Dusty Deen is an American animator and filmmaker.  His abstract representations are often emotive and psychedelic, brought to life with an animation process that marries timeless techniques with modern technology. Notable brands he has worked with include the New York Times, Hulu, HTC, and The Mayo Clinic. His work has been featured in galleries in Wroclaw Poland, Saint Petersburg Russia and Rome Italy.

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Tabitha & Mason

Tabitha & Mason discovered a fresh way to engage their clients by offering stop motion videos as a means to tell captivating stories. This pivot proved to be a hit, and they have embraced this approach alongside their live-action work. They believe that every project, regardless of size, should have a compelling narrative at its core, and they bring this storytelling focus to their stop motion projects as well.

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Brandon carter

Brandon Carter is a New Mexico-based artist and animator who experiments with various styles of animation from 2D to stop motion. Alongside his partner, Camille Carlson, Brandon has developed a signature style of compositing live-action elements with animation and miniatures to create surreal, expressionistic imagery.

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Matt wilson

Matt Wilson is a New Mexico-based animator, storyteller, and cinematographer. His passion lies in animation and filmmaking, where he excels in various techniques such as 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and storytelling. Matt’s work stands out with its imaginative and innovative visual expression, captivating audiences with its charm. 

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